“Itai’s stories are personal, intimate, open and brave; they have a sensitive tone and turn to the very essence of human condition, namely history, family, cultural background, social and political constraints.” Art Vanguard


This Is Not A Conversation by Itai Erdal, Dima Alansari, and Ker Wells premieres March 14 at the SPARK¬†Festival (Victoria, BC) || OPEN DRESS REHEARSALS in VANCOUVER on March 10 @ 6PM and March 11 @ 5PM at SFU Woodward’s in Room 4270 || RSVP to info@theelbow.ca

Hyperlink by Itai Erdal, TJ Dawe, and Rachel Peake premieres in October 2017 at the Firehall Arts Centre


Itai Erdal and Dima Alansari in This Is Not A Conversation || photo by Natasha Wheatley