A Very Narrow Bridge

collaboration between Artistic Director Itai Erdal, Maiko Yamamoto (Theatre Replacement) and Anita Rochon (The Chop).

“A Very Narrow Bridge is deceptively simple and, because it’s Erdal’s story and he’s telling it, completely compelling… Talia Erdal is an amazing composer, cellist and singer. I have never heard the cello played like this… it feels as if she channels all the joys and sorrows of all Jews throughout time. It’s staggeringly lovely.”  — Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

“At last the Chutzpah Festival lives up to its name… Kudos to author/actor Itai Erdal for the topical chutzpah of his one-act multimedia confessional…” — Lincoln Kaye, Vancouver Observer




What it means to be Jewish in the 21st century? To be torn between the religious and secular, the debts we have to those people and places that define us? A Very Narrow Bridge is a story of divorce—from a lover and a country. Wandering through memory and music, Itai Erdal, accompanied by his sister’s cello and a panel of rabbis from his past, recounts his relationship with his ex-wife and home country of Israel in a performance that is both essay-like and intimate. This is a play about family and the lingering doubt in the back of every immigrant’s mind—would I have been happier had I stayed home?

Featuring Itai Erdal, Patti Allan, Tom Pickett, and Anton Lipovetsky

Music by Talia Erdal

Video by Candelario Andrade