A show about life online and the limits of digital empathy.

a collaboration between Artistic Director Itai Erdal, Writer/Performer TJ Dawe, and Director Rachel Peake.

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We live in an era of unprecedented technological progress, much of it focused on communication. We have access to our friends, family, and strangers at any time. And yet many of us are still lonely, perhaps more so than ever—and particularly those of us of the generation that has lived through the Internet becoming embedded in our daily lives. We’re hesitant to acknowledge this. The ubiquity of digital technology leaves us less time for self-reflection. If we face the hard truths that lie behind our actions, both online and off, what answers await us?

Both TJ Dawe and Itai Erdal are known for their storytelling craft. Their previous works are marked by monologues and personal anecdotes that ask the audience to go with them on an uninterrupted journey. In Hyperlink, Dawe and Erdal attempt to reconcile their storytelling traditions with the interruptive and disjointed experiences we face in digital spaces.

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